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The Genre


Django Reinhardt„One more round!” – the waiter was addressed by a fairly joyful and somewhat more affluent guest in a French cabaret, around the first half of the previous century. Gypsy-jazz music played in one of the corners, the venue was crowded, and the audience had no intention to leave… Gypsy jazz (aka. gypsy swing or hot club jazz) is a unique style of jazz, developed by the Roma guitar player, Jean "Django" Reinhardt in Paris, during the 1930’s. Since its origins are in France, and Reinhardt was part of the “Manouche Sinti” clan, in French, gypsy jazz is often referred as “Jazz Manouche”. The birth of the genre can be associated with the band “Quintette du Hot Club de France”, founded in 1934. The members of the band were Stephané Grappelli – violin, Django Reinhardt – solo guitar, Joseph „Nin-Nin” Reinhardt (Django’s little brother) and Roger Chapu – rhythm guitar, and Louis Vola – double bass. The band had a completely new sound, which soon rose to immense popularity – within a couple of years, they published several hundreds of various recordings.




Unique Sound


The lead instrument in swing is the guitar. At times, there are soloists, or duet performers, but in general, the line-up of the band is at least trio, consisting of a solo-, and two rhythm guitars. Naturally, the trio line-up can be supplemented by further guitars, or other instruments – traditionally violin, piano, or double bass. An illustrious native representative of the genre is „Még egy kört!” Gypsy Jazz Band. The formation was founded by the world famous violinist Roby Lakatos, accompanied by virtuoso musicians, and a vocalist with a beautiful voice – Roby’s daughter, Myriam Lakatos.


Fantastic vibes are guaranteed
The music is world-class
The repertoire is unsurpassed



About the Formations


We play in two formations; the larger one is called „Még egy kört!” Gypsy Jazz Band, while the smaller is the „Még egy kört!” Gypsy Jazz Quartet.

„Még egy kört!” Gypsy Jazz Band

Roby Lakatos - violin
Myriam Lakatos – lead vocals
Róbert Kárpáti – guitar
Noémi Flór – double bass
László Bóni – violin
Gábor Ladányi - guitar
András Makk – guitar
„Még egy kört!” Gypsy Jazz Quartet

Myriam Lakatos – lead vocals
Róbert Kárpáti – guitar
Noémi Flór – double bass
András Makk – guitar


Roby Lakatos – Violin


A direct descendant of Bihari; who played on Dankó’s violin at the age of 6, and was included in Járóka’s ensemble at the age of 11. He was considered and treated as a child prodigy; at the age of 19, he already had performances in Belgium. Among others, he also played together with the world-class violinists Maxim Vengerov and Nikolai Schneider. Following his years in Belgium, Roby Lakatos’ concerts were organized by the New York-based Columbia Management – it was the time when he rose to international fame. Roby Lakatos is a world famous violinist, an illustrious representative of gypsy music, and the founder of a new musical style: the unorthodox gypsy fusion. From the Carnegie Hall in New York, through the Royal Albert Hall of London, to the Opera House of Sydney, he is known as the “Hungarian Gypsy Violin Virtuoso”. He inspires his colleagues, cooperatives and students with his stylish, sometimes extraordinary appearance, his musical skills and unique improvisation abilities.








Myriam Lakatos – Lead Vocals


As a child, she learnt to play the violin; in Belgium she attended a musical school. Her first significant stage appearance was in the Budapest Arena in front of 7000 people, alongside his father and other renowned performers such as Charlie, Linda Király, Margit Bangó, György Ferenczi.

She often sings in jazz clubs, both in Hungary and abroad. On a record by Myriam Fuks, she performed together with Mischa and Lily Maisky.

At present, she is the lead vocalist of the bands „Még egy kört!” and Pannonia Art.




Róbert Kárpáti – Guitar; leader of „Még egy kört!” Gypsy Jazz Band


karpatiRóbert Kárpáti conceived „Még egy kört!” Gypsy Jazz Trio and its unique style in 2018. In 1966, he played as a rhythm guitarist in the “Sampo Beat” band at Budapest; and a couple of years ago – following a decades-long hiatus – he started to play the guitar again; this time in a more systematic manner. He also took lessons from various guitar teachers. In order to maximize the level of entertainment, he regularly invites guest musicians to his band.









Noémi Flór – Double bass



As a child, I took violin lessons. Since I was interested in other forms of arts besides music, I graduated from the Secondary School of Creative Arts. Following this, I learn to play the bass guitar and the double bass in the Postás School of Music, and later I graduated from the Jazz faculty of Ferenc Liszt University of Musical Arts, as a student of Balázs Berkes at the double bass department of music. I received my professional degree in 1994.

In 2012, I earned a master’s degree from musical arts at the Károly Eszterházy High School of Music.

I was a founding member of the band “Wei Wu Wei” (recordings: Window to a Landscape, It’s Getting Late), and “Wee Dot Jazz Quartet” (Blue in Blue out). As a session musician, I played in a plethora of musical formations, such as the band Dubcity Fanatics. I participated at the concerts “In Memoriam Jaco Pastorius”, organized by the Radio of Hungary. I was a member of Swing Ladies Hungary Bigband, as well as Bódás Zsuzsanna JazzBarokk.

As the member of the band, I play double bass on two records published by Hot Club of Hungary, and I also play on two records of Flór Gábor Harmonica Summit; the latest of which (Merci, Monsieur Django) was composed in honour of Django Reinhardt.

At present, besides playing in Valaki Alfonz Band and Hot Club of Hungary, I also perform as a member of „Még egy kört!” Gypsy Jazz Band.



László Bóni – Violin


László Bóni was born in Budapest, in 1968. He took music lessons from Roby Lakatos’ father, while also playing in his ensemble; and in 1987 he earned a soloist’s degree as a gypsy violin artist. Following this, he spent six months in Japan, where he had performances with a Gypsy trio, which later also toured along the whole of Europe. Between 1991 and 1994 he worked in Antwerp.

He is a permanent member of the band Roby Lakatos & Ensemble.






Gábor Ladányi - gitár


Gábor Ladányi Gábor was born in 1993, in a family of musicians. He started his musical studies in 2001 at the Imre Budai Imre Elementary School of Arts at Monor. He graduated at the Zoltán Kodály Secondary School of Music in 2012. Between 2012 and 2015, he was a student of the Music Studio of Kőbánya, where he was educated by Ferenc Tornóczky sr., Kornél Fekete-Kovács, Gyula Babos Gyula. In 2015, he was accepted at the Koninklijke Conservatorium at Bruxelles, where he finished his studies in 2019. During his years at Bruxelles, he performed with several Hungarian and foreign musicians. He became a permanent member of the ensemble of Balassi Jazz Club, where besides playing with Tamás Zsári, Bart DeNolf and Bruno Castelucci, he also performed with Kornél Fekete-Kovács, Mihály Borbély, Gábor Winand, Gábor Cseke and Kristóf Bacsó. He also cooperated with Philip Catherine, Toine Thys, Eddie Conrad, Michael Blass, Mark Mathys and Antoin Pierre.

Since 2018, he is a member of Roby Lakatos Ensemble, whom they tour every part of the world, from small jazz clubs to huge concert venues. In 2019 he founded his own trio, in which he plays with Federico Pecoraro (bass) and Umberto Odone (drums).


András Makk – guitar


At the age of 6, András played violin and flute, and by the age of 12 he already played guitar. He graduated as a music teacher.

His inspirations include Django Reinhardt, Joe Pass, Bob Marley.

He played guitar in the following bands:
Danube Riddim
Rák Béla Combo
Sillage de Piaf

At present he is a member of “Valami Swing” and „Még egy kört!” Gypsy Jazz Band.











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